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Becoming Me

Becoming Me

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Becoming Me

Aloha friends and welcome to the first ever monthly installment of “Becoming Me”

As everyone in their late teens (and I mean LATE teens) might be familiar with, I am currently in a “WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE?” phase. For most of my friends, this may be a bit of a shocker since I have always, and I mean always, had this great big plan of what my life should look like. Where I’d study, what my degree would be, my ambassadorship for the foreign embassy, ultimately working for the United Nations. Even as a kid, from ages 3 to 11, I wanted to become a marine biologist. But little ol’ me found out that required a college level math class and since I am already struggling with high school math, I decided against it and for my future as a diplomat.  Basically everything I have done, like my exchange year or international project work, was all in order to get me where I ultimately want to end up. In the United Nations Headquarters in New York. So, one might say that I am very determined and once I decided on something, I am sticking with it. 

But now, as I will finally enter senior year, I am not so self-assured anymore. I generally like my career choice and my dream university in the city of Groningen is still everything I could ever want from any university. But I do not want to look back on a life where my decision made as an eleven year old dictates my entire life. So, for the next year, I am trying out everything within my roam of possibilities to not only reassure myself that I have chosen correctly but also to make my last teenage year the best one yet. 

So, becoming me will be a series during which I will document how I am trying change each month. It will be categorized in “experienced”, “discovered”, “explored”, “learned”, “dared” and anything else that I come up with along the way. 

To hold myself accountable, one the last day of every month starting this July, I am going to post my blog entry on becoming me. 


Here are my goals for the next year: 


-      Become fluent in Spanish

-      Be able to play the Ukulele 

-      Write four blog posts a month 

-      Learn how to cook 

-      Earn enough money to reunite with my best friend Grace

-      Establish good study habits and beat procrastination 

-      Work abroad for a month after graduation 

-      Learn how to budget

-      Become more ecofriendly 

-      Get in shape 

-      Get back on my photography game

-      Get accepted by the University of Groningen 

And to start of July right, I am outlining not only the goals for this month, but how I am going to implement these changes: 

Becoming fluent in Spanish

Practice Spanish at least once a day for fifteen minutes. Whilst still visiting family in Rügen, I am going to use my duolingo app and will post a screenshot of my streak at the end of the month. Once back in Hamburg, I will buy myself some books my old Spanish teacher recommend and do some practice exercises. 

Be able to play the ukulele

Once back in my room, I am going to practice the ukulele for fifteen minutes at least every day. By the end of the month, I want to be able to play “Would you be so kind?” by dodie. I will use the app and document it, by filming small snippets of it each day. 

Earn money and learn how to budget

Since I am on break, I want to find better ways to save my money. My goal is to be able to visit my best friend Grace next year so I will get everything in order for tutoring, waitressing and other small endeavors. 

Get into the University of Groningen

To get accepted into the university, I will do everything I can to get a GPA of 2.0 (the German grading system works different than in America;)) and keep up with my extra curriculars in order to present a solid resumé and hopefully qualify for some scholarships. Regardless of what I end up studying, that city and its uni are simply outstanding to me. Therefore, in July, I will do my assigned reading, prepare study posters for my Abitur (German equivalent to UK A-levels) and get my binders from this past junior year in order. 

Become more ecofriendly

I am attempting to cut all the single use plastic out of my life as well as purchasing myself a new bike. Since it is plastic free July, you can expect a blog post regarding my plastic-freeness at the end of the month which will hopefully document that I am successful in my journey to zero waste. 

I think that should be enough for now, I sincerely hope that by posting this, I will hold myself accountable to all my goals and I will see you at latest in a month with my experiences. 


Jules x 

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