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The Big Apple and I

The Big Apple and I

Ever since I can remember, I have always felt out of place. Regardless of the location named as home in my passport or the address that I can recite in my sleep, I have never felt a true sense of belonging. Home to me is iridescent, with every new place visited another color gets added to the canvas and the true definition gets blurred further and further. 

That was until I was in New York City. Maybe it`s due to my precondition for having lived in a town that is Europe`s biggest apple supplier almost all of my life. #applepuns



To fathom my love for this city, just read this text message I sent one of my best friends.

I am and forever will be captivated by the skyscraper national park and I have continuously found myself intensely studying the buildings. Though all the same in their tremendously large size, their diversity solely on the house fronts alone amazed me. I feel mirrored in the extreme that make up the city. From contemporary to timeworn, yet all were true to their city and make New York what it is.

 As someone who grew up on islands or by a big river, water has always been essential to me. Even in my year in Minnesota, the Mississippi was just five minutes away. But though I always thought that nothing could ever replace the Elbe, being in a ferry on the Hudson feels just like that. A city I have never been to before immediately felt like I have lived there my entire life. It was like meeting someone for the first time and within five minutes you can talk like best buds and everyone assumes you have always known each other. 

During our first night ever in New York, we visited top of the rock and as we saw the city that never sleep come to life:

 “The sun will go down in about forty five minutes” I tell my dad without my eyes leaving the screen of my phone. He gets our tickets for Top of the Rock and just like that we have made it through the lift up to the high point of New York. As the doors open, I am immediately shocked. A bulletproof window and a queue of about twenty people is the only thing separating me from this stunning view. I feel as though I have just talked to a crush, butterflies erupting in my stomach. Soon enough, we entered the deck and tears spring in my eyes. As the sun goes down and the lights turn on, I have to keep myself from crying. This is where I belong.

Walking back to our hotel, just casually brushing the centre of the universe (or as regular people call it Times Square), I felt my love for the city grow bigger and bigger. 

I am New York and New York is me. 

One day, the address that I can recite in my sleep will end in 11211 Brooklyn, NY and I cannot wait for that day.

Until then: Farewell, 

Jules x 

Becoming Me

Becoming Me