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Hey Friends! In today’s post I am highlighting an initiative I found this week. And guess what, this week is fashion revolution week! Now, what exactly is fashion revolution week and why does fashion need to be revolutionized in the first place?´


As you know, we live in a world for fast fashion, most pieces by large chain stores such as H&M or Primark are only meant to last a season. Due to their affordability they are very popular and it will be hard to find anyone who doesn’t own at least one or two pieces from either store. But have you ever thought about why your clothes are so cheap? Most of them are made in Bangladesh or China, outsourced by western companies in order to spend the lowest amount on wages. Most workers, even though they work tirelessly hardly earn enough to cover the bare necessities. Furthermore, the working conditions are unsafe, human right abuses are overlooked in the name of profit. I’m sure some of you remember when a factory in Bangladesh collapsed in April 2013. Over 1.100 people died and 2.500 were injured, most of them young women around my age. 


fast fashion isn't free. someone somewhere is paying - lucy siegle

And here we have my beautiful best friend demonstrating how it's done.

In addition to that, our beautiful planet is suffering immensely in the name of fashion. According to the WWF, it can take up to 2.700 liters  to produce a single t-shirt. Now, reflect on how many t-shirts you currently own and have owned in your life. In addition to that, every load of laundry needs 151 liters of water. So as you can see the virtual water for just one shirt can quickly use up the fresh water of an entire village, if not even a complete drought. 


So, Fashion Revolution have made it their mission to demand a fairer, safer, cleaner and more transparent fashion industry. And what you can do to support their mission is so easy but still makes all the difference.


Ask your favorite brand #WHOMADEMYCLOTHES

my lovely nora showing you exactly how it is done!


Simply turn your favorite sweater, shirt, jeans or whatever other piece of clothing you adore inside out, snap a snazzy selfie and upload to a social media, tagging the brand and use the hashtag #whomademyclothes in your caption.



My Vow For Fashion Revolution Week 

In honor of Fashion Revolution Week, I vow to not buy any new items of fast fashion clothing until next April. I will make sure that the companies I do purchase from are sustainable and that their employees work under fair conditions and am limiting myself to a maximum of two new items a month. Furthermore I will raid my closet, donate my old clothes or resell them. I vow to be more conscious of what I consume and spend my money on as well as following the Fashion Revolutions mission for a greater fashion industry. 

For more information on the Fashion Revolution and more ways to get involved, check them out here! Simply pick your country and see what the Fashion Revolution has planned for you or become an ambassador yourself.

I encourage you to also live more sustainable and to really take into consideration what goes into your clothes, packaging and remember the to keep your virtual water usage in check, too. 


Jules x

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