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Little Ways To Save The World

Little Ways To Save The World

Happy Earth Day 2018!!

I figured the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day and kick off blogging was by showing you a few little adjustments that you can incorporate into your daily life that will literally take less than five minutes but can make a lasting impact. These will not only help the globe but also your wallet, since reusing saves a lot of money! Since I believe that everyone has a little bit of “I want to save the world in me!”, help me to #changeclimatechange. 


1. ecosia.org

I love about this German startup that they are transparent about their finances and to follow their mission via Instagram, which is where I got this picture from! It truly visualizes how much a small thing like adding a browser extension can really save the world.

Ecosia is a great search engine that utilizes 80% of their profits to plant trees, their current goal is to plant one billion trees by the year 2020.  About 45 searches equal 1 tree being planted. Instead of using Google, you can simply install their browser extension HERE and/or install the app on your phone and start fighting deforestation one search at a time!


2. Use as little plastic as possible! 

Not only are plastic bags not sustainable but they are having an awful effect on our oceans, it has been estimated that in 2050 more plastic than fish will be in the sea. So even if you see some wrapper flying about amidst a city, please pick it up and throw it in the next garbage! When going shopping, bring a basket or linen bag, so you won’t have to rely on the plastic bag supermarkets provide. This especially applies for vegetable and fruits, why package something in plastic when it comes with a peel and you will wash it before eating anyway? The ocean will thank you. 

picture credit goes to nora


3.    Opt for reusable water bottles and straws!

My parents were kind enough to get me a soulbottle for Christmas last year and I love it! soulbottle is another German start up that has set its focus on encouraging a sustainable lifestyle. They sell glass water bottles and straws with cool designs and have participated in the Water Walk 2017. They also offer companies to engrave their logo in soulbottles so that their customers will actually receive a good freebie – useful & sustainable! 

Switch the pre-packed store bought water bottles from the store for reusable PTA free or glass water bottles. And instead of annoying plastic straws, check out how gorgeous these rose gold metallic ones look!! Not only will they help save the oceans but get you ALL THE LIKES ON INSTAGRAM! Joking aside,  you will not only save money but also prevent SOO much plastic (the bottles, the packaging, the strap) from finding its way into our oceans. 


4. Buy local grown foods! 

If you have the option, buy from farmers markets or local food stores. The town I live in, for example, makes it impossible to even buy fruit from the store since we are a town built on harvesting and actually Northern Europe biggest apple supplier. These gorgeous blossoms from our backyard will provide some delicious cherries in summer.

Really take into consideration where you food is from. For example, if oranges have travelled all the way China when you live in Europe, think about the logistics. These oranges didn’t magically appear, they had to travel halfway across the world by container ship which have large emissions. When Nora and I went grocery shopping, we compared where two carrots had shipped from and then chose the one from Northern Germany. 


5.    Reduce your meat!

If you eat meat, go to a butcher instead of the supermarket. My parents do that for all of our BBQs, and not only do we know where the meat is from, it is of a higher quality.  

I have been vegetarian for a couple of years now and even though I’ll leave it up to you to decide what you eat and what you won’t, however, your meat consumption should not go over two to three times a week. According to WWF, the livestock industry is responsible for 14.5% of global emissions (the same as the whole transport sector)! Why should cows and pigs get access to our precious water when there are people all over the globe who don’t have access to drinking water? 


6. Cook your own food!

Not only should you buy locally, you should consider making your own food. You not only will be saving money (take out bills add up quickly!!) but cooking at home, with unprocessed, raw food is healthy and tasty. These don't have to be elaborate dishes, a simply stir fry or bruschetta won't take more than ten minutes to prepare and are delicious, especially through their simplicity. Plan an afternoon for a friend and you to go grocery shopping and cook together (Nora, I'm looking at you) and enjoy a great meal with reusable utensils

Overall, just keep educating yourself and incorporate all these and many more ways for a sustainable lifestyle. If you are interested in how big you carbon footprint is, check out the WWF carbon footprint calculator! They not only tell you how many earths are needed to actually sustain your lifestyle but have small tips next to every question. 



Jules x 

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